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Leadership is a frequently studied topic in the psychological and business literatures. Searches of electronic databases using ‘leadership’ as a keyword find many thousands of entries. Similarly, searches for materials relevant to the assessment of leadership find large numbers of entries.

To be considered for initial inclusion in this web site, the materials had to meet several criteria:

  • the material needed to focus on one or more of the skills listed for a particular competency
  • the material needed to describe either a measurement instrument or theory that could support the creation of such an instrument
  • the material had to be publicly available, that is, where the item is not a commercial entity available for purchase
  • the material needed either psychometric information about its properties as a measure or, particularly in the case of material found only on the Web, a high degree of face validity

In addition to the measurement information for each of the leadership competencies, the literature search uncovered a number of measures of general leadership. Several of these measures are included, either in part or as a complete entity. These general leadership measures are listed in the General Leadership Assessment section.

The materials initially described were identified for consideration by MCH interdisciplinary training programs. Many of these materials are copyrighted and thus, may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, or published without the express written permission of the copyright owner. It is the responsibility of each user to ascertain whether materials may be freely used or whether such permission is needed.

  1. MCH Knowledge Base/Context
  2. Self-reflection
  3. Ethics & Professionalism
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Communication
  6. Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
  7. Cultural Competency
  8. Family-Centered Care
  9. Developing Others Through Teaching and Mentoring
  10. Interdisciplinary Team Building
  11. Working with Communities and Systems
  12. Policy and Advocacy
  13. General Leadership Assessment

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