In Practice

How Others Are Using MCHLC

Diverse Audiences are using the MCH Leadership Competencies: Here are some recent examples from

MCH Professional Associations

  1. The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP) developed a workforce development committee which is using the competencies as the basis for an assessment of workforce needs. The survey will be fielded in Fall/Winter 2007-2008. AMCHP is also using the MCH Leadership competencies for Board development and a new leadership development program for State Adolescent Health Coordinators. For additional information, contact: Call Sharron Corrle, AMCHP, (202) 775-0436.
  2. AMCHP members ranked the competencies based on importance to them. (They did not post the number of respondents, but results were recently posted on the AMCHP Pulse):
    1. MCH Knowledge Base
    2. Working with Communities and Systems
    3. Critical Thinking
    4. Communication; Cultural Competency (tied)
    5. Policy and Advocacy
    6. Ethics and Professionalism
    7. Interdisciplinary Team Building
    8. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    9. Family-Centered Care
    10. Developing Others Through Teaching and Mentoring
    11. Self-reflection
  3. CityMatCH will kick off Year 2 of their 6-month training program, CityLeaders, at their annual conference in September 2008. The purpose of this program is to provide leadership training to emerging and mid-level leaders in urban maternal and child health, including mentoring, coaching, and intergenerational transfer of knowledge from senior urban MCH leaders. Curriculum is based on the MCH Leadership competencies. For more information, contact Katie Brandert,

Professional Development

Dr. Wendy Adam from Baylor College of Medicine is using the competencies to develop a leadership development program for MCH directors from the Pacific Basin.

In Summer 2007 Region X Title V Directors discussed the competencies and professional development opportunities at the Region X meeting.

Job Description and Interview Tool

Region X Title V Directors used the MCH Leadership competencies to develop the job description and interview process to recently hire a Title V Director.

Training Program Efforts

  1. The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health Developed an online course targeted for MCH Leaders, Maternal and Child Health Leadership Skills Development Series. Maternal and Child Health Leadership Skills Development Series brings leadership concepts to life in an MCH context, allowing anyone to conduct their own training sessions, within your time frames and settings. The Maternal and Child Health Leadership Skills Development Series is a set of training modules designed for use in small groups. Each module offers a mix of presentation and exploration in different learning formats:
    • Video “mini-lecture” presenting key content and themes
    • Interactive group discussion questions and exercises
    • Case study with discussion prompts and hands-on exercises
    • Video clips from interviews with MCH leaders
    • Individual self-reflection exercises
    • Individual leadership development planning worksheet

    Who should use the MCH Leadership Skills Development Series?

    • State and local public MCH programs
    • Community based organizations and nonprofits
    • Federal agencies
    • Program staff at any level of the organizational hierarchy
  2. The Westchester Institute for Human Development LEND program is using the MCH Leadership Competencies in many aspects of their training program:
    1. Conducted a session on cultural competency training for LEND programs at the national Association for University Centers of Excellence in Disabilities (AUCD) meeting, a listing of the competencies and brief definitions and the specific objectives that are addressed by their curriculum.
    2. Used the competencies as the basis of discussion at our LEND Community Advisory Committee meeting in 5-07
    3. 6-07 Faculty Development workshop for LEND faculty
    4. Basis of LEND trainees’ Individualized Training Plans: which is a worksheet on which they record their ITP and to which they refer when completing their ITP’s and which lists competencies, brief definitions, and examples from the WIDH LEND curriculum
    5. Leadership Education and Developmental Disabilities Certificate Distance Learning Course with the U.S. Virgin Islands—Used the competencies as the basis of development of four new courses for a Distance Learning Project with the Virgin Islands. These four courses and the resulting twelve credit certificate that will result have just been approved by the Curriculum Committee of the New York Medical College School of Public Health. We hope that these four courses will become prototypes for teaching to the competencies using distance methodologies.

Evaluation and Assessment

The Center for Educational Outcomes is currently developing a validation tool for the MCH Leadership competencies. This web based modified Delphi process has been pilot tested with MCH academic, practice and family advocacy members.